Welcome to Dissertation Hell: A (hilarious) Handbook for Doctoral Students - Carol B.

Welcome to Dissertation Hell: A (hilarious) Handbook for Doctoral Students

By Carol B.

  • Release Date: 2014-05-04
  • Genre: Humor


"Welcome to Dissertation Hell" is a compilation of selected posts from the Hellish Handbasket Blog, written and illustrated by Carol B. (AKA The Chronic Malcontent). Each post marks a memorable moment on her two-year journey from A.B.D. doctoral candidate to Ph.D. scholar. Humorous pen-and-ink drawings illustrate many of the posts. Carol said, "Earning a doctorate could be something only daft crazy people do. I was one of those daft crazies." At the end of 2005, in an effort to become more valuable to her then-employer (a for-profit career college), she enrolled at an online for-profit university. Her plan was to earn a Ph.D. in Marketing, thereby transforming herself into a highly educated (and highly desirable) instructor of marketing. To document her journey (and to keep from going insane), Carol started a blog in early 2012, called The Hellish Handbasket. Part diatribe, part memoir, The Hellish Handbasket blog has something for everyone, but is especially relevant (and amusing) for doctoral students.