Artistic Ravings of a Mad Man - Captain Jack

Artistic Ravings of a Mad Man

By Captain Jack

  • Release Date: 2013-09-04
  • Genre: Humor


tHiS b0ok iS fiLL9Ed wiTH woRds. blaH B”LaH bLAH BL&ah! s**t is pUt tO3GEthEr tO m@kE sEntEnCes aNd pARAgrAPhS. thiS boOK is Not fILlEd with wOrDS. i DO nOt rEPeat mYse{Lf. I dO nOt rEpe@T mYsE%LF. ThiS bOok i$ fiL^Led wITh aRt. ThERE Is No ARt in THis boOK. sTOP rE8AdinG! KEEP rea2dIng. WhaT Is thE Mea!ninG OF LIfE? whAT is nOT tH#E meaN6Ing oF lIfE? I bELie]Ve trUTh is relA,Tive. i AM a phILosOphEr. I am NOT a phILOSOPHer. I bELIEVe truTh is absOluTe. i aM a relA>TiviST. i AM NoT a RelAtiVISt. WHAt y0u @rE rEaDInG iS cHaoS. whAt YoU aRe rEaDiNg is orDer. do yOU liKE reaDINg tHe sH7It iN THis PAragrAph? tHEN maY6Be you WILl LIk!E tHIs boOK. THEN aGAin, mAYbe YOu wON’t. wHO kNOwS? I doN’t. i dO. truTH is reLAtive. tRU?Th iS aBSolUTe.