Maui - Brad Kellam


By Brad Kellam

  • Release Date: 2012-10-09
  • Genre: United States


The must-see book for anyone visiting Maui for the first time, or for those who simply
want to remember the simplicity and beauty of the Island.  Tips and insight into Maui from a “haole” boy that grew up on the islands, and later in life moved back as a transplant from the mainland. I have taken the liberty to tell my story about Maui more with pictures than any great writing skills.  I hope you enjoy this format.  I share many of the most memorable trips I took and how to get there and what to take with you.  Most of the time I spent on the island was with my eyes open, and my mouth shut.  I did however have a nice camera with me most of the time. The majority of the photographs were taken using a Canon 40D using the Ultrasonic autofocus 28mm - 135mm telephoto lens, free hand.  It allowed me
to take fairly nice close ups and catch a whale out a ways on the horizon, and get him too. I feel blessed to have caught the shots I did over two seasons. I hope you enjoy this iBook, the stories and the photos.  It was great fun taking them and putting it together for you.  I dedicate it to my wife Laura, and my parents, Helen and Ed Kellam without whom I would not have had the chance to work and play in Maui and enjoy this opportunity.  I will never forget the sunsets.