Pink Moon, A Story About Nick Drake - Gorm Henrik Rasmussen

Pink Moon, A Story About Nick Drake

By Gorm Henrik Rasmussen

  • Release Date: 2012-01-26
  • Genre: Music


Originally written in Danish in 1980, Pink Moon was the first biography of Nick Drake, and remains the only one to include exclusive interviews with the singer's parents, Rodney and Molly Drake. In this new, significantly updated edition, available in English for the first time, author and poet Gorm Henrik Rasmussen reveals more from his visits to the Drakes in their home Far Leys - the first, just five years after the death of their troubled son. 

Rasmussen includes new interviews with Nick's friends and collaborators plus extracts taken from his eight-year correspondence with the Drakes, and from telephone conversations he had with Rodney every month over four years. 

Full of intimate detail about the last three years of Nick's life spent at his childhood home, Pink Moon - A Story about Nick Drake is a personal, original, and moving retelling of the life, death, and posthumous rise of a poet and guitarist who was strangely unsuited for his own time, and is more popular now than he ever was in life. 

"...constructs the story of Drake’s life with insights from those who knew him best... Rasmussen writes elegantly about the music, while his detailed account of the last years of Drake’s life are sensitively handled. By the end of this book, Rasmussen has breathed new life into his subject and his music." Mark Blake, Mojo magazine , April 2012
"A story in which straight biographical bits are interwoven with skillfully composed, extrapolated scenes ... fans will find it a great companion book to Drake’s music, and rock lovers will enjoy the author’s serious, personal attempt to get intimate with his icon." Dougas Lord, Library Journal,  March 2012

The Author:
Gorm Henrik Rasmussen (b. 1955) is a poet living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has published novels, short stories, poems, and works of non-fiction. His subjects include eccentrics and strange places of the northern part of Jutland, where he was born and raised. He has received several literary awards from The Danish Arts Foundation and The Danish Arts Council.