Hope . . . From the Heart of Horses - Kathy Pike

Hope . . . From the Heart of Horses

By Kathy Pike

  • Release Date: 2009-04-22
  • Genre: Nature


How communicating and connecting with horses can help us reconnect with ourselves.
Exploring and celebrating the bond possible between horses and humans, each chapter in this unique book offers a life lesson about trusting one’s instincts, honestly addressing emotions, achieving clarity in communications, and releasing negative thoughts.
Because their survival depends on being highly attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others, horses sense human intentions rather than what may appear in a human’s facial expressions—which has a remarkable effect on the relationship between these two distinctly different species. Among the moving stories included are those of a horse named Hope who teaches the difference between optimism and faith; an abused horse whose background dredged up old memories and helped the author to move on; a young Olympic equestrienne hopeful who discovers and reaffirms her self-esteem; and a corporate training session in which one participant achieves great success merely by being honest about her fears. As you see how these people grow deeper into themselves as they learn the horse’s way, you, too, will be inspired to explore, and benefit from, the deep and everlasting connection and communication between horses and humans.