How to Make Perfume and Cosmetics - Rebecca Grantham

How to Make Perfume and Cosmetics

By Rebecca Grantham

  • Release Date: 2018-05-09
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies


In this knowledge packed book, cosmetics expert and makeup artist Rebecca Grantham shares industry secrets about how perfumes, makeup and cosmetics are made.

Beginning with the history of cosmetics, we're taken through a journey to knowing just what ingredients and know-how go into making the bottles of perfume and makeup applications used every day. We see how the global multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry uses a selection of techniques, methods and solutions that add up to the unmistakable aromas and distinctive applications people across the entire world know about.

Readers can learn about these methods and understand how makeup powders, skin creams, aromatic oils, and delectable scents are made. Grantham even includes chapters on hair dyes and dental applications such as specialty mouthwashes. She is careful to differentiate between all-natural, organic substances and those which are artificial in origin; this book contains lists of the ingredients, and each has at least a paragraph dedicated to explaining its cosmetic uses and aromatic essences.

There are also a series of sketches and illustrations which show how perfume mixtures are prepared. The science of cosmetics is also explained, inclusive of the symbols of chemical elements and mixtures commonly used in the manufacture of cosmetics. The processes used in workshops and factories are explained clearly, so that interested readers can understand just how these products are created and their quality assured.

Overall, this book provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to the world of cosmetics, perfume and makeup. The full range of applications known around the world are included, giving readers a superb overview which helps demystify the processes behind cosmetics making. The reader will emerge knowing that there's a lot more to great, long lasting and fragrant cosmetics than simply water and scent.