Ethics and Identity - Timothy Leet

Ethics and Identity

By Timothy Leet

  • Release Date: 2018-01-01
  • Genre: Textbooks


Ethics and Identity is a textbook for high school students designed to help adolescents navigate the increasing complexity of their lives.  Too old to be called “good kids” but not yet equipped for the burdens of moral adulthood, adolescents struggle with essential identity questions during these years.  In this book students are encouraged to take charge of that process and to consciously cultivate the virtues around which those identities are taking shape.

Ethics and Identity was written with adolescent readers in mind.  The text is easy to comprehend and the concepts immediately relevant to their lives.  It is visually engaging and original in its approach.  From classical Greece up to today’s research around implicit bias and modern happiness studies, Ethics and Identity aims to be more than another introduction to the “big ideas” in moral theory by showing how those ideas have an immediate impact on the character of the young adults they are becoming.  

Each of the book’s twenty chapters begins with guiding questions to help orient the reader and concludes with going-further questions to fuel classroom discussions.  Ethics and Identity is ideally suited to give shape to advisory, supplement a Health curriculum, or frame a unique course designed with character and identity exploration in mind.