Imagine Non-Profit Society: Utopia or Necessity - Sašo Tomažič

Imagine Non-Profit Society: Utopia or Necessity

By Sašo Tomažič

  • Release Date: 2017-03-27
  • Genre: Economics


This is a book about the present-day global socio-economic system envisioning the steps that should be taken towards a better future. The contemporary economic theory is rather elaborate for an ordinary person and sometimes even for a professional to understand. Moreover, it has too often been proved wrong, especially the accolades of the self-regulating free market.
In his book Professor Sašo Tomažič shows in an adept manner why recurrent economic crises cannot be avoided in all the various forms of capitalism. His is an unconventional view of a natural scientist and engineer observing economy from a distance and so bypassing the pitfalls of countless details which only distort our perspective. The examples the author employs to highlight his ideas are straightforward and simple but for all that none the less valid. Most important, he explains how the current economic system could gradually be transformed to a more stable and just one, naming it the non-profit society.