Mechanics of Materials - Nicolas Ali Libre

Mechanics of Materials

By Nicolas Ali Libre

  • Release Date: 2018-09-03
  • Genre: Education


Mechanics of Materials, Learning through Practice is an interactive book for engineering mechanics. This book, which is the first interactive eBook in the field of Engineering Mechanics that is designed for mobile devices, is intended to provide students with an educational tool to learn Mechanics of Materials through practicing various engineering problems. Features designed here include: 
• dynamic, interactive eBook 
• summarized step-by-step tutorials 
• hints and guided steps
• lecture and example videos 
• automatically graded assessment materials 
• algorithmically generated problem sets 
• 3D models and animations 
These unique features help to foster customized learning experience for students with various learning styles. Each Chapter begins with a course summary that provides main concepts, equations, formulas, key points, step-by-step tutorials and algorithms associated with the topics discussed in that section. Lecture videos are also provided for selected sections. Numerous walk-through examples are presented in each chapter that could be used to reinforce students learning.