Avenues: The World School - Avenues Technology Team

Avenues: The World School

By Avenues Technology Team

  • Release Date: 2015-10-26
  • Genre: Education


This Manhattan nursery through 12th grade school uses Apple products to help realize its vision of global citizenship through education. The program focuses on a one-to-one iPad program for students in grades K–6. The K–6 students also have access to MacBook Air carts. Grades 7–12 focus on a one-plus-one program, in which students receive both an iPad and a MacBook Air. Avenues classrooms are student-centric, collaborative, hands-on and engaging spaces that foster student learning. A community engagement program blends the classroom curriculum with field work, service and global projects such as a campaign for the promotion of girls’ rights. Student multimedia projects are showcased throughout the campus.
The campus occupies a ten-story renovated warehouse that incorporates the best ideas from the fields of technology, ergonomics and environmental design. A flexible environment includes a rotating daily schedule and a block schedule.
Avenues students use a variety of apps to explore expression. They utilize iBeacon to share and receive information in the classroom. The school offers multiple courses in iTunes U for educators to increase their growth in innovation. Professional learning includes a “Lunch and Learn” program, one-to-one learning sessions, access to iTunes U tutorials and collaboration with schools around the world.