Branding the Heart - Tiffani J. Robinson

Branding the Heart

By Tiffani J. Robinson

  • Release Date: 2015-04-01
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales


In an ever-evolving, technologically advanced world it has become increasingly challenging to convey messages to the masses... effectively. It's not solely about story-telling anymore but whether you post, tweet, snap or pin that content in the right way to the right audience. Branding the Heart -- the easy reference roadmap to all your online engagement needs. With tips and tricks, known as #PulseChecks, Robinson provides the basics of fundamental strategies for anyone trying to break into the digital engagement world. She guides you from conception to completion in sharing the essence of your cause and cultivating a following of advocates needed to succeed. You've got the message now you need to execute the strategy. It's time to brand your heart!